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Posted on 23rd Sep at 12:38 PM

Learning about the science of knowledge would be so much more interesting with lasers

Posted on 23rd Sep at 8:55 AM

is the over-saturation of critics hurting creative industries like movies and games? It kinda feels that way sometimes

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 i will reblog this as many times as it takes me to stop finding this funny

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Marvel Babies // artwork by Skottie Young (2014)

Team Marvel Babies Concept by Skottie Young. For more about this artist you can check: Deviant Art - Tumblr - Twitter

Posted on 22nd Sep at 7:55 PM
A short story

She put down the gun, Leaning back on the couch behind her and letting out a sigh. It was another boring Saturday afternoon; some kind of ballgame was going on, on her telly in front of her. The sound was turned off though; she’d want to be perfectly sure she could hear anyone coming to stop her. Of course no one came, because no one knew she was about to do anything. She didn’t really know why she had put the bullet in the gun in the first place. She was not particularly depressed. There was no deep lingering loneliness or sob story behind her action. She was however deeply bored, she needed something else to happen today. She let out another sigh, rised up from her seat and went out into her kitchen. Nothing interesting in her fridge, she took out some soda and went back into her living room, stepping over some stains and then starting to pour it out in front of her. This wouldn’t actually dissolve anything properly, but she couldn’t be bothered anymore. Poor pizza delivery man.

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